Life is good and so am I

Let me be honest, I haven’t always liked me as much as I do now. I now think of myself as pretty cool and bloody brave even smart and lovable too. Where I come from, you are not supposed to say these things out loud. Perhaps not even feel them either and now I’m yelling it out from the top of the blog.


It hasn’t always been like this. I used to politely wait to feel cool or lovable until other people told me I was. I used to think that the point of being in a relationship was that the other person would make you feel good about yourself. It actually works too, but only for a little while then the effect kind of wears out. So it will take a damn lot of other people to make you feel good about yourself if that’s your strategy. In the end the only way to more permanently feel good about yourself and that is through your relationship with yourself.

I’m no doctor Phil but I do know one thing: Good things happen when you start to like yourself. So here is my advice to the world put some time and some energy into your relationship with yourself. To me this has been key to most good things that happens to me in life. In fact I now schedule time in my calendar to see me.


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