N.O.T.O.X. – true beauty in Berlin

Oh yes, I’m in Berlin again. One of the things I always first notice in Berlin is how many different types of people there are here. Expressing who you are seems to bee some sort of common passion in this city. Berlin is truly a place that both dares people to let go of control and to take a deep look inside to find out who you really are. I think it’ safe to

say that you don’t know yourself until you know yourself in Berlin


The whole idea of being who you are is actually what brought me back to Berlin this time. I’ve done the official song that will premiere at the Berlin opening this week, a gentle and heartfelt song composed with much respect to the rather amazing pictures from one of the truly great photographers in Berlin, Tom Lemke. With a series of pictures of strong women over 50 with no alterations Tom Lemke reminds us that beauty is not trying to keep looking like you are 20 but to shine as who you really are.

The “N.O.T.O.X.” song for the project is all about being brave enough to be who we really are. It sounds like such a simple thing to be who we are but it can take the most of a lifetime to get there. Finding way through life is hardly ever easy. Both good times and bad times belong in a life well lived. Everything that matters leaves a little mark on our skin. It is up to us to be brave enough to let our faces tell the story of our life’s.

Oh you can actually order a copy of the beautiful book NOTOX, starke Frauen im OlympiaBad where you find all the beautiful pictures and the real life stories behind the 12 lovely women.

You can order the book from (tba)

and while you are at it download the song for this link.

All the best from A very Modern Man out somewhere in Berlin finding himself….


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