The opening of the N.O.T.O.X exhibition – A Night to Remember

Not much beats the light at Kurfürstendamm in December. Last night they were shinning extra bright. At least that’s how it felt when I was there. The extra bright light from yesterday came from Kurfürstendamm 213 where the N.O.T.O.X. exhibition by Tom Lemke was opening. I have recorded the official song for the show and did perform it on the night.

The exhibition space is nothing but beautiful and the pictures on the walls completed a magnificent setting for the night. The hosts Ike and Matthias completed it all with a fantastic well organised event. If only all nights where like this.

I feel that this great project will be a good reminder that beauty is more than trying to keep looking like you are 20 years old. We all need to be reminded that it is ok to be who we are and that there is a special beauty that only shines from within. I can only recommend to order the book as a very good reminder.

Download the song here:

or here


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