Another Wednesday at the OASIS Temple

What other city do you find yourself one moment walking down a rainy boulevard for a walk and talk with Ian and the next minute being part of a bang of a Britpop-Karaoke-birthday-Party. Long story short, a lovely friend of the birthday boy turned out to be around the corner and celebrating at his place. When we got in it turned out not to be the unusual Berlin apartment but more of what can best be described as an OASIS Temple. Turned out to be the office we had entered and should I ever find myself working in an office it should be one like that.


Plastered with pictures of the heroes of music history the birthday boy Charly felt the best way to celebrate his birthday was a karaoke evening with drums and a line up of guitars. And it for sure was the best way to celebrate any birthday and any Wednesday for that matter. Turned out that Charly knew every OASIS song by heart and that Ian can actually drum. If there is one thing I know for sure about this city it is that once you leave your living room you newer know where you will end.


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