Berlin – The City with 3 Fridays

Admitted, I’m no true cosmopolite. I get Jet Lag and whenever changing continents it takes me forever to stop getting up at four in the morning or going to bed four in the afternoon. I have something similar when returning to Scandinavia after having been in Berlin for a while. My inner calendar while be messed up for weeks. I call it Berlin Lag.


Berlin Lag, is when you wake up on a Wednesday morning with a smile on your face because your brain is telling you its Friday. The funny thing is that exactly the same thing happens the next day, in other cities know as Thursday and then again the day after that.

Granted, Berlin Lag does not arise from a particular healthy living with lots of daylight and meditative hours. It arises from my fear of missing out and the fact that Berliners treat most days like Fridays. There is always a new pop-up restaurant and a new nightclub opening on Friday 1,2 and 3.

There are simply not room enough in one Friday for all the events and pop-ups this city fosters. I would hereby like to suggest we make Berlin its own special time zone with 3 Fridays in a week.


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