Rockstar up for grabs

One of the most pleasurable things about not being one of those dinosaur men who never cries and always takes the lead, is getting seduced. Being seduced by a woman is one of the great joys you shouldn’t miss out of here in life, not only as a change from being that alpha male but as a fundamental experience reaching far beyond sex.


Of course seduction is about sexual attraction but there are some much good stuff in it too. I should perhaps let you know that I’m a recovering control freak and that is tied to the whole question of seduction. A good seduction makes you lose control and feel safe at the same time. How is that for a drug. It also has this flavour to it where you have this strange feeling of belonging where the chaotic ocean inside for a little while turn into a current circulating your body and mind uniting everything into one direction.

I know seduction use to be considered a trade for men. This is such a shame since women are such natural experts when it comes to seduction. Women are fluent in body language and matting games. All you have to do is to let them know it’s ok. So let there be no doubt ladies, this rockstar is up for grabs.


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