Album Preview

A Modern Man – The Man Who Learned To Live

What Will Change Me

A grand anthem to throwing yourself into that scary chaotic phenomenon called life. A song about having most things in life such as a good wife, nice house and even friendly neighbours. The only problem is the growing urge to move further in life and find out what else is out there in the world and what what is still left for you to be.

Teach Me Darling:

A sultry love song about how a mind full of desire wakes you up from the slumber of life. The song is thought of a call for action. Not only about love but in life as well – you have to take chances to win anything.

123-Running Free

A happy-go-lucky song about falling in love. One of those songs that fills you with careless joy right from the start. It´s a little lesson in how it’s sometimes is ok to not to try to be in control of everything and just give in to love. In the bitter-sweet universe of A Modern Man this single for sure belongs in the sweet part of the universe.

Wisdom Up For Grabs

A rocking single all about finding your way through life. There are times where there is no need to search the world for all the answers. Instead take a look insight of yourself and trust that something in there knows what way to chose in life. Though the lyrics have a general appeal it leaves no doubt that this is a personal song about finding way through life and becoming A Modern Man.


Not all love is meant to be. Not even in a pop song. A British sounding soft rock single about not settle for less love than you deserve. If somebody does not love you or even ever intended to, the only sane thing to do is to leave it all behind and turn the whole thing into a catchy tune allowing you to cry out your heart on top of a solid groove.


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