Sing who you are

The biggest compliment you can pay me as a singer is that I sound like I mean what I sing. The second best compliment you can pay me is that I have found my own singing voice. I believe these are the two most important in connecting to other people through your music.


It’s all about finding the combination between being strong and being vulnerable. If you are not strong you will not find your own voice but will sound just like singers before you. At the same time as being strong you also have to be vulnerable or your music will not connect with other people. Connecting with other people in music is just like in real life, you have to show something true about yourself, even if it hurts a bit.


Finding your way through life

Finding your way through life is a general theme in many of my songs. This includes anything from finding the inner power to take on life and reach for what you truly want, even though you will get your shares of hard times for trying. My universe is a bittersweet universe and I would like my music to reflect that. I live in the balance between facing a not always pretty reality but always holding on to your desires in life.


The 2 EP’s, Transformation (part 1 and part 2), can be seen as the soundtrack to my life the last couple of years. It’s songs about me growing strong enough and brave enough to embrace my life and live it despite all the sadness and uncertainty life always comes with. To me writing songs is a way to accept that also hard times is part of life and even has a value.

Rockstar up for grabs

One of the most pleasurable things about not being one of those dinosaur men who never cries and always takes the lead, is getting seduced. Being seduced by a woman is one of the great joys you shouldn’t miss out of here in life, not only as a change from being that alpha male but as a fundamental experience reaching far beyond sex.


Of course seduction is about sexual attraction but there are some much good stuff in it too. I should perhaps let you know that I’m a recovering control freak and that is tied to the whole question of seduction. A good seduction makes you lose control and feel safe at the same time. How is that for a drug. It also has this flavour to it where you have this strange feeling of belonging where the chaotic ocean inside for a little while turn into a current circulating your body and mind uniting everything into one direction.

I know seduction use to be considered a trade for men. This is such a shame since women are such natural experts when it comes to seduction. Women are fluent in body language and matting games. All you have to do is to let them know it’s ok. So let there be no doubt ladies, this rockstar is up for grabs.

Another Wednesday at the OASIS Temple

What other city do you find yourself one moment walking down a rainy boulevard for a walk and talk with Ian and the next minute being part of a bang of a Britpop-Karaoke-birthday-Party. Long story short, a lovely friend of the birthday boy turned out to be around the corner and celebrating at his place. When we got in it turned out not to be the unusual Berlin apartment but more of what can best be described as an OASIS Temple. Turned out to be the office we had entered and should I ever find myself working in an office it should be one like that.


Plastered with pictures of the heroes of music history the birthday boy Charly felt the best way to celebrate his birthday was a karaoke evening with drums and a line up of guitars. And it for sure was the best way to celebrate any birthday and any Wednesday for that matter. Turned out that Charly knew every OASIS song by heart and that Ian can actually drum. If there is one thing I know for sure about this city it is that once you leave your living room you newer know where you will end.

Last night a BBQ saved my life

OK maybe I’m exaggerating but it sure felt that way. It was Sunday and more than ever I didn’t know what to do with myself. With reality around the corner Sundays have probably always been one of modern mans biggest challenges.

Though I do consider myself a brave man when it comes to Sundays my fight-or-flight reflex is always flight but this Sunday ended differently with a terrace BBQ in Prenzlauer Berg. In the company of couple of Kikis and a few globs of white I was gently carried from Saturday to Monday in one piece.

I truly believe that making Sunday BBQ mandatory will make this world a better place. So this post goes out to Kiki’s, Markus and the rest of the terrace crowd for improving this world one Sunday at a time.

Life is good and so am I

Let me be honest, I haven’t always liked me as much as I do now. I now think of myself as pretty cool and bloody brave even smart and lovable too. Where I come from, you are not supposed to say these things out loud. Perhaps not even feel them either and now I’m yelling it out from the top of the blog.


It hasn’t always been like this. I used to politely wait to feel cool or lovable until other people told me I was. I used to think that the point of being in a relationship was that the other person would make you feel good about yourself. It actually works too, but only for a little while then the effect kind of wears out. So it will take a damn lot of other people to make you feel good about yourself if that’s your strategy. In the end the only way to more permanently feel good about yourself and that is through your relationship with yourself.

I’m no doctor Phil but I do know one thing: Good things happen when you start to like yourself. So here is my advice to the world put some time and some energy into your relationship with yourself. To me this has been key to most good things that happens to me in life. In fact I now schedule time in my calendar to see me.