The soundtrack of a Life

“The title of the album The Man Who Learned To Live pretty much says it all. This album is the soundtrack of me diving into that stormy ocean called life. Being a bit anxious by nature it feels like the ultimate luxury to have a personal soundtrack for me setting out to concur my life.”


Rendering the Past

“One of the more unexpected joys of writing songs is how it renders all my earlier miserable periods valuable. Before writing songs I considered all the days, months and perhaps even years spend in misery just simply a waste of life. Now I think of it as essential parts of having experienced life and pressures experience to use writing songs. I never saw that coming and it feels like a little miracle what used to be stored as lost time gets reclassified as a bit of insights into life.”

Everything is Gambling

I used to live by the idea that if I spend enough time I could think out a master plan that I could then carry out without any risks of loosing. These days I pretty much hold the opposite position: Most things in life are gambling and those who never realize this are the ones who gambles the most.

The Wounded Giant

It took me so many years to be brave enough to combine powerfulness and vulnerability. Now it is the one emotion I pursue the most in my singing. There is something that keeps fascination me about displaying your strongest sides in combination with a fragile exposing of who you really are at that moment. I’ve even given this emotion a name, The Wounded Giant. I think there is something essentially more interesting about looking into the heart of a strong creature rather than of someone who displays their inner life all the time.

Meeting a New You Along the Way

Setting out into the unknown to capture your dreams in life is most likely going to hold more than a few challenges. Even with strongest determination and willingness to take chances there are still little guaranty that you will reach your dream. However, one of the most rewarding things I believe you are fairly sure to find a long the way is a stronger, bolder and more daring version of yourself that you never knew existed. Realizing that this stronger and braver version of yourself exists is one of the most rewarding feelings and almost a reason in itself to pursue your dreams.