A Modern Man – Official Blog

Official blog from a very Modern Man, having the best of times in his newly adopted home that is Berlin, Germany. Hanging out with best of people, the most talented, the most life-enjoying and sometime party happy crowd, and enjoying every moment of it to the very fullest.

A Modern Man Live

The sound of A Modern Man is in many ways inspired by the great British music tradition, the Smiths, Keane, Coldplay and Hurts, with a sound of big harmonies and catchy melody lines. All combined with a melancholic and bitter-sweet vocal.
What makes it both new and rather special is how the bold sound is combined with a nerve from a melancholic and bitter-sweet vocal that draws you inn on another level. He has captured both old and new audiences with these both intimate and powerful songs

In the centre is the Modern Man himself, a great frontman and a real personality with his great trademark song introductions, an essential part of his live shows – wry humour and warmth.
His debut solo album ‘The man who learned to live’ is a modern piece lush and radio friendly music for fans who likes their music to feel real.

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